Turbo Dishwasher

November 12, 2021

Are you tired of your dishwasher taking forever to run? Especially when your sim washes a whole stack of dishes in the sink so quickly? Or is your sim running off to the bathroom to wash dishes because both the dishwasher and kitchen sink are occupied? Here’s your remedy!

This mod vastly decreases the time it takes the dishwasher to run.

  • Without upgrades, the dishwasher will run 5x as fast as the original, in about 5 sim-minutes.
  • With the Speedy Cleaner upgrade, the dishwasher will run 20x as fast as the original without upgrades, effectively instantaneously.

I get the sense there’s a lot more I can do to improve the dishwasher and other appliances. Let me know what you’d like to see in the next update!